Honouring Loved Ones: Our “In Memory” Signage Collection

At Weddingswise, we understand that weddings are not just about celebrating love but also honouring cherished memories. Our “In Memory” signage collection holds a special place in our hearts, inspired by personal experiences like mine as a bride who lost her father before her wedding day.

For those who are no longer with us but remain forever in our hearts, our “In Memory” signage offers a gentle acknowledgment of their presence watching from above. With a range of options to suit every wedding, our collection allows you to create meaningful tributes throughout your special day.

You can choose to place an arched sign with a heartfelt quote on a reserved chair at the ceremony, or opt for a reserved sign on the back of a chair to signify their presence. For a more personalised touch, consider placing a customised sign at the end of a church pew, ensuring your loved ones are honored as you exchange vows.

At the reception, create a dedicated memorial table where guests can share in the remembrance of those who hold a special place in your heart. Our range of tasteful options allows you to convey the importance of keeping their memory alive and the love they brought into your life.

Whether it’s a subtle nod or a more prominent tribute, our “In Memory” signage collection serves as a beautiful reminder that our loved ones may no longer be physically present, but their spirit lives on in our hearts. Let us help you create a wedding day that honours their memory and celebrates the love they shared with you.


Unplugged Ceremony

The Growing Trend of Unplugged Weddings: A Modern Necessity

At Weddingswise, we’ve noticed that unplugged signs are fast becoming essential, and the trend of “Unplugged” wedding ceremonies is gaining popularity! If you’re looking to ensure your ceremony is captured with undivided attention, our unplugged signs are a must-have.