Personalised Monogram Dance Floor Decals

Did you know Weddingswise offers the service of Dance Floor Decals?

If you want to wow your guests, elevate your wedding, and create an unforgettable wedding reception, then an a dance floor with custom decals is just for you! Transform your dance floor into an enchanting area where the newlywed couple will have their first dance. Most favoured options are a white or black dance floor with personalised decals. But the options are unlimited!

Let’s get creating!


How much do your decals cost?

Cost is based on size, colour, design, and location. Please contact the team at Weddingswise via email so we can provide you with a quote.

Dance Floor and Materials

For the dance floor decal, we use signage-grade materials, specifically an adhesive removal vinyl installed by our professional team. The decal is wrapped over the existing timber dance floor, giving it a seamless look and ensuring a sturdy and safe platform for dancing the night away. The material is easily removed after the wedding without leaving residue or damaging the existing dance floor.

Decal Options

Don’t need the entire floor covered? We offer optional rectangle, circle, or oval designs, as well as custom designs.

Easy Installation

Our professional team handles setup and takedown, so you can focus on enjoying your wedding. We appreciate having at least two weeks for decal designing and one to three hours for installation, depending on the design and size.

Contact the team at Weddingswise to discuss your dance floor needs!

Phone: 0266518050


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