Wedding Seating Charts

Superb Seating Charts to Make Your Event Special

Welcome to Weddingswise, where we specialise in creating superb seating charts to elevate your wedding day. With all your plans falling into place and the big day just around the corner, our seating charts are the perfect finishing touch to your wedding decor. a Choose from a range of designs, including laser-engraved timber, classic sleek black and white prints, clear acrylic, or vibrant floral designs that capture every colour of the rainbow. Whatever your style or theme, we have the perfect seating chart to match.

Plus, our charts come in various sizes to accommodate weddings of all scales. And if you’re looking to coordinate your seating chart with a matching welcome sign, we’ve got you covered! Simply click on the link to your seating sign, and it will lead you to a complementary welcome sign, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look for your special day. Let Weddingswise help you create a wedding that’s truly unforgettable!